97 - 99 XJ Parts

Front Suspension and Drive Speedometer Pinions
Rear Axle Wipers and Keys
Park Brake Heater and Air Conditioning
Service Brake Emission Control Systems
Clutch 2.5L4 - I4 Engine
Cooling 2.5LD4 - I4 Turbo Diesel
Electrical NP231 Transfer Case
Electrical - IP and Consoles NP242 Transfer Case
Engine Mounting 3-Speed Automatic Transmission
Exhaust 4.0 - I6 Engine
Frame and Bumper AW4 - 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
Fuel System AX - 5-Speed Manual Transmission
Propeller Shafts and U-Joints DXJ - Doors and Related Parts
Rear Suspension IXJ - Interior Trim
Steering SXJ - Body Sheet metal Except Doors
  Hollanders Interchange
XJ/I6 4.0
Block Oiling
Crankshaft Cooling
Pistons and Rods Induction and Exhaust
Head Fuel and Ignition
Cam and Valve train Starting
  Engine Assembly
XJ/Jeep Axle ID Info Chart